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About Us

Welcome to Pbxwall Limited, an Irish owned company that was founded by Paul Byrne – CEO and is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.

Pbxwall is a cyber security business that protects corporate telephony networks such as UC (unified communications), PBX and contact centre solutions from a significant range of cyber threats that are designed to extort revenue and/or deliberately disrupt critical infrastructure and business resilience. Consequently brand identity, C-level reputation and shareholder value are put at risk by such attacks.

Incorporated in 2010, Pbxwall identified a major gap in the market to provide real-time detection and prevention for a telephony risk often referred to as toll fraud or PBX hacking. Toll fraud is a cyber crime which costs the global business community in excess of $8bn per annum according to estimates by the Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA).


Along our journey to commercialize Pbxwall, we engaged with international resellers, heads of ICT and security, to further develop our services to protect critical infrastructure from other cyber threats such as TDoS (telephony denial of service), phishing and eavesdropping.

Our patent-protected algorithms have allowed us to develop innovative, first-of-kind mitigation techniques that proactively detect and block the aforementioned fraudulent call activities without compromising on service. Unlike existing preventative solutions that depend on human intervention, Pbxwall automatically combats these crimes at their very core, 24x7x365.

Pbxwall will work with enterprises to help defend their brand and protect shareholder value, for example Pbxwall now provides UC vulnerability assessments and penetration testing services which are accompanied by in-depth reporting and actionable recommendations.

Our mission is to be acknowledged as the global market leader in the prevention of cyber crimes that threaten critical telephony infrastructures such as UC, PBX and contact centre solutions. To achieve our mission, we will lead with innovation, a crucial approach to keeping pace with the evolution of the social engineering tactics that are now emerging from criminal gangs

Why now? The market is evolving rapidly. Motivated by profiteering, anonymous criminal gangs operate in the knowledge that their crimes may never be investigated due to the significant lack of cross border regulation and policing. These gangs collaborate through social engineering and are using many digital tactics to extort and launder cash on a global scale. In the US, financial and government institutions are the primary targets of a well-organized, well-funded growth industry of cyber criminals.

The recent rise in reported cases of phishing and TDoS (telephony denial of service) attacks prompted the US Department of Homeland Security to highlight the tactics and the digital intelligence with which cyber criminals have armed themselves for the purposes of extorting revenue and/or deliberately disrupting critical infrastructure for sustained periods.


Concept of Pbxwall

The simplicity of these crimes stems from the distinct lack of telephony network security. Unlike data networks that depend on firewall security as a pre-requisite for intrusion detection and prevention, the telephony network offers a platter of unsecured access routes for malicious callers to target their prey.

Advertised Freephone, Lo-Call and DDI number ranges are unsecured access routes that facilitate malicious callers to directly access and disrupt critical telephony infrastructure services or extort data and/or revenue from staff members.

Pbxwall is a novel and innovative agnostic voice firewall that live monitors and protects critical telephony infrastructures such as UC, PBX and contact centre solutions

Our unique selling proposition is that Pbxwall automatically detects and blocks fraudulent call activity 24x7x365, unlike existing preventative solutions that depend on human intervention.

We would be delighted to talk to you further to see how Pbxwall best suits your requirements.

Paul Byrne, CEO

Paul Byrne
CEO, Director

Paul is the prime mover behind the invention of Pbxwall having designed the concept which was subsequently proven during the R&D phase. Paul leads the international sales efforts and promotion of Pbxwall through the VAR and Distribution channels.

Paul brings a wealth of expertise, enthusiasm, and skill sets to Pbxwall. With over 20 years of experience in the telecoms sector that started with 11 years at the ITG Group where he held senior positions in engineering and sales. In 1999, Paul co-founded Telcom Ltd and subsequently where he was responsible for sales and engineering accreditations.

Paul Byrne, CEO

Ciarán Kelly
Commercial Strategic Advisor

Ciarán’s experience and knowledge of the international markets provides clear direction to the commercial efforts of Pbxwall.

Ciarán’s 25 year telecommunications career started with 12 years at Cable & Wireless where he held senior positions with C&W companies in Europe and Asia. In 1994 Ciarán (then European Sales Manager) opened seven European sales offices, staffed and managed them up to 1996. From 1996 to 2000 Ciarán held the position of Director of Sales IDC (C&W company in Japan). This position necessitated the relocation of his wife and family to Japan. On his return to Ireland in 2000 he joined LAKE Communications as VP Business Development for North America.

In March 2002 Ciarán was appointed to the board of LAKE Communications and took up the position of Sales Director. In 2005 LAKE Communications was acquired by Inter-Tel Inc, who were subsequently acquired by Mitel (Canada) in 2007 and where Ciarán is VP International Carrier Sales, International Markets.

Paul Byrne, CEO

Emmett McAuley
Operations Director

Emmett possesses an expert knowledge of supply chain management and logistics within the electronic supply and electronic assembly sector. Emmett’s responsibilities include, production, logistics, quality and general operations.

Emmett is a graduate of Electronics Engineering from the University of Limerick. He has worked for Ericssons, Glastron (Irl) and Glastron (U.S.) where he held management positions in Technical and Quality areas.

He is co-founder/owner of Convex Electrical Ltd, a BN EN ISO 9001 certified company that specialises in Electronic/Mechanical integration operation. Convex, a Dublin based company currently provides services to a number of National and Multi- National organisations. He also has interests in a number of: Power, Property and Food companies in the UK and Europe.

Paul Byrne, CEO

Gary Kennedy, BA, FCA
Financial Advisor

Gary oversees the share capital investment and investor fund management, reporting to Paul and to shareholders as required.

Gary joined the board of Green Core in November 2008. He is a Director of Elan plc as well as being a chairman of its Audit Committee. During 2011, he was appointed as a Director of Irish Bank Resolution Corporation Limited where he is also Chairman of its Audit Committee. In addition, he is a Director of Friends First Holding Limited. Gary is also Chairman of a number of private companies.

Previously he was Group Director of Finance and Enterprise Technology at Allied Irish Bank plc and a member of its board in the USA and Poland. Previous to that Gary was Group Vice President of Nortel Networks Europe, having started his management career at Deloitte and Touche. He also served on the board of the Industrial Development Authority of Ireland for 10 years until he retired in December 2005.